Reviews of Winter of the Wolf

"Remarkable…a supernaturally tinged whodunit that will enrapture mystery fans.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Blends spiritual elements with its mystery...Winter of the Wolf is an emotional novel in which discovering the truth sets a mourning teenager free.”
Foreword Reviews

"With the focus of this story being on family and spirituality Handler has created  something that will resonate deeply with readers. [Bean] is a strong main character who readers will feel a strong bond with. If you have experienced loss this book could help you to find a way to work through those emotions while feeling supported by the characters you are taking this journey with.”
The Nerdy Girl Express

"In The Winter of the Wolf, readers feel the tragedy of loss, of suicide, of grief, of questioning, of seeking spiritual understanding, of finally accepting the suicidal death of a loved one. And ultimately, readers get a feeling of peace and acceptance in the end.”
Nina Lewis, Grandma Ideas

"A heartbreaking story about family, love, loss, friendship, and spirituality."
— Kids Bookshelf

"Winter of the Wolf addresses grief, spirituality, and mystery in a unique and beautiful story.”
— Little Red’s Reviews

"I really enjoyed this book. Right from the beginning I was hooked….an impactful and eye opening read.”
— Runaway Irish Girl

"This novel tackles the heavy topic of death and how Bean and her family each handle Sam’s passing.”
— Openly Bookish

"I am all in all head over heels for this succinct telling of a family’s journey through trauma…5 stars."
— Unabridged Bren

"Wow! Winter of the Wolf was such an emotional read. I get so invested in a story that has a mystery element but also draws me in emotionally. It was beautiful to read!"
— She Just Loves Books

"A must read emotional thriller that includes deep themes of suicide and guilt. Our characters must wade through their heavy emotions and experiences to find the answers that are on the other side. A must read for those that enjoy mystery and thrillers, you won’t be disappointed."
— Adventures in Lit

"The book starts out strong and looks at a family and their grief and the reader feels for them."
— Red Carpet Crash

"Winter of the Wolf by Martha Hunt Handler is a very well written story that was agonizing, emotional, and compelling read that struck me from the very first pages of the book."
— Nurse Bookie

"I cannot begin to describe how beautifully Ms Handler has written this story. At times, it was hard for me believe this was a piece of fiction...Ms Handler is a master storyteller. The writing is absolutely beautiful. A lot of work has been put into writing this book and I personally think this book is one of the best books I have ever read. Too good to believe this is a debut novel!"
— The Book Decoder

"Winter of the Wolf kept me guessing throughout, and really kept me involved with Bean’s feelings and her journey to figure out what happened to Sam."
— Buried in a Bookshelf

"Such a great book and it covers a lot of issues teens could learn about. They sometimes exhibit risky behaviors because they think its safe, or they'll be OK and a lot of times that's just not the case. Highly recommend."
 Stranded in Chaos

"Overall, this book was a quick read, and I think it can be a great introduction for someone young dealing with grief, to feeling empowered and knowing that there is hope. That moving forward is possible."
— Jas Being Jas

“A very good book."
 Jazzy Book Reviews

"Winter of the Wolf is in my top ten books as one of the best of the year!"
— Cheryl’s Book Nook