Women's Wolfpack

women's Wolfpack

Gathering environmentally and spiritually minded women in a multitude of ways (nature outings, bonfire chats, fundraisers, etc.) to connect, collaborate, and awaken our collective energy in meaningful and sustainable ways. By harnessing our skills, passions, and resources to help one another, in our local communities, we can more expeditiously work towards positive outcomes for our planet.
Why Wolfpack?
 The word “Wolfpack” perfectly describes us and our mission. As Rudyard Kipling once said, “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” Wolfpacks teach us about leadership and teamwork, for wolves know they are stronger, smarter, and more resilient when they work in harmony with one another, while using their individual talents to their fullest. And, as a keystone species, wolfpacks also bring ecosystems into balance. This is exactly what we envision for the Women’s Wolfpack.   

Create and nurture a community of women to bond, share and support one another as we embrace our role as stewards of our planet. Together we can, together we will. 
We meet regularly, both formally and informally, to deepen our connections to one another, exchange ideas, and brainstorm solutions that fit our mission.

Join us.