Praise for Winter of the Wolf

“Martha’s gut wrenching and captivating story may be a work of fiction, but it hauntingly hits home. I felt like I was reading my worst nightmare.” 
–Stephanie Ruhle, NBC News

“Handler takes us deep inside one family’s tragedy and shows us how our spiritual beliefs can guide us at our deepest moments of grief. As we travel with fifteen-year-old Bean, through the loss of her beloved brother Sam, we see how friendship, trust, and deeply held beliefs help her navigate the painful aftermath of his death. In a mystery that races forward, Handler shows us the power of sibling love to endure forever. 
–Lisa Heffernan, Author of Grown and Flown: How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults

“All great books open our minds, broaden our visions and strengthen our convictions, and Martha Hunt Handler’s Winter of the Wolf does all three brilliantly. Much like a wolf, 15-year-old Bean follows her intuition, desperate and determined to prove her beloved brother did not choose to end his life. As readers follow her emotional and spiritual journey, they will, undoubtedly, begin to question their own beliefs about life and death and our interconnectedness of all spiritual beings. A breathtaking read from start to finish.”
–Hélène Grimaud, Founder of the Wolf Conservation Center, world-renowned musical artist, writer, and human rights activist

“A true literary masterpiece.  Martha Hunt Handler takes us on an ‘edge of your seat’ thriller, We find ourselves arriving at the fearless collision course between perceptions we hold, and forgives within. A double take on life’s purpose, spirituality, and the distance unconditional love is forced to take through a journey of unfathomable pain, to the bright light we all hold within us.”
–Wendy Diamond, Best Selling Author, TV personality, animal advocate, and founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

“Let Winter of the Wolf take you on a journey of the soul to unearth the truth to set you free.” 
–Emme, Supermodel and social reformer

Winter of the Wolf is a compelling, heartfelt tale based on a story close to the author’s heart. She takes what is a difficult subject and weaves a captivating story about life, death, grief and gratitude.  A must read for any age.”
–Mary Ellen Keating, Former Senior Vice President of Communications, Barnes & Noble, Inc. 

“What we attempt to capture in our photographs, Martha Hunt Handler portrays with her words in a heartbreaking story that reminds us of our interconnectedness with all that is living and breathing on our planet."

–Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, Co-Founders of SeaLegacy, world renowned nature photographers and filmmakers

“Heart-warming and unflinching, Winter of the Wolf explores one family's struggle to face the complex nature of death and loss. A timely and important tale for all ages, it offers a powerful message of hope for our lives.”
–Kristen Wolf, Bestselling author of The Way: A Girl Who Dared to Rise

Winter Of The Wolf takes you on an amazing and emotional journey through suicide and spiritual discovery.”
–Bria Neff, Teen wildlife artist and advocate